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Web Application Development


If you need to get a website developed, then this solution is for you. From e-Commerce to Social Networks, Zepto Consulting has created websites that not only meet client requirements but deliver quality web applicatons. This experience ensures that Zepto Consulting can easily handle your web project. PHP / ASP.NET / JAVA are our main technologies.

  • Web 2.0 Interactive Sites. Looking to create an interactive site where users can contribute content and interact with one another? Zepto Consulting have been developing interactive sites since before the term was coined and have completed number of projects to date.

  • Social Networks. The world is going social and businesses are looking at how they can build their own social networks to promote their brands and businesses. Zepto Consulting has been building social network sites for businesses and is one of the leading social network developers.

  • e-Commerce. It is estimated that very soon online sales will out do traditional offline sales so if your business isn't already selling online or you need to revamp your current system, get in touch with Zepto Consulting to discover how we can build a complete e-Commerce solution for you.

  • Content Management Systems. One requirement nearly every site has is the ability to manage the content that is added to it. Whether you are looking to manage the content on your corporate site or want to allow users to add their own content, speak to Zepto Consulting today.