Who's the team
Every project needs to have a strong, passionate and co-operating team working together, to achieve the same goal. This is our ingredient to ensure successful execution and delivery of customers projects.

About Us

Zepto Consulting was incorporated in 2010 and is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. Zepto Consulting was formed to fulfill the demands of software engineering and software research fields in Malaysia.


Your Problem, Our Solution
Zepto Consulting's strengh is to provide consultancy, in the meantime, design and develop the solution to solve your business problems, fulfilling your business needs.


How are we different
Our team is different than what you can find from the industry. We are unique because:

  • Management has strong personalities
  • Operation is technically strong and passionate
  • Team is young yet experienced. We are also great listeners
  • Together, Team Zepto are not hard workers. Team Zepto work smart.

Our team consists of a few strong personalities, who are young, hardworking and passionate. We strive to deliver our promise.